Do you charge a consultation fee?

We offer Free Consultations on DUI, Criminal, and Traffic cases. Please call for our consultation fee on Family Law, Divorce, and Child Custody cases.

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What If I’m From Out Of State?

If you are a driver from another state, you are subject to the same laws and penalties as a Colorado-licensed driver. This also applies to the  Colorado express consent laws. That means that as a condition of driving in Colorado,

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I was under Revocation for some time and received a ticket. I have since gotten my license back and the district attorney is offering to allow me to plead guilty to a reduced charge. Should I take this offer?

Be careful. If you plead guilty to a traffic related violation that occurred while you were under Revocation/Denial/Suspension, the DMV is likely to once again revoke or suspend your driving privilege. Contact us to determine if the offer you are

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What is the difference between a Revocation and a Suspension?

If you are revoked, you are generally not eligible for a work license or any other driving privilege unless you are eligible for a restricted interlock driver’s license. In some situations, you may be able to reinstate early. A suspension usually results from

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