Holidays and Designated Drivers

With the summer holidays and with the number of parties and barbeques people will attend there will be an increased intake of alcohol. If you are headed to a home or a friend or family member, a designated driver for

June 27th, 2020|DUI|0 Comments

DUI Checkpoints & Unnecessary Arrests

Holidays in  Colorado mean an increase in DUI checkpoints and DUI patrols and several more DUI arrests.  It’s true that instances of impaired driving tend to go up when people feel as though they have a reason to celebrate and

June 3rd, 2020|DUI|0 Comments

What Are DUI Laws & Penalties in Colorado?

What Are DUI Laws & Penalties in Colorado? Drinking under the influence is a serious offense with serious consequences, especially since you may have your license suspended. Depending on the test you chose, you may need to act within 7

September 17th, 2019|DUI|0 Comments
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