You can get into a lot of trouble and not even know it.

In Colorado, if you have been involved in a car accident, you are required to stop, provide information, and aid. In accidents where a serious injury or death occurred you could be charged with a felony for leaving the scene, also known as a Hit & Run. Many clients come to our Denver or Colorado Springs law office for counsel when a hit-and-run accident is reported to the police — usually by a passerby or nearby resident who captured the car’s license plate number. At Katzman, Beck & Thom, P.C., we understand the severity of these charges even though you may have not been aware it was a crime to leave the scene at the time. We are here to help you. Our goal is to help you keep your driver’s license and move for reduced or dismissed charges in your hit-and-run accident case.

Charged With Fleeing the Scene of an Accident?

You Could Lose Your License By leaving the scene of an accident, you may be charged with failure to report an accident, which is a 12-point violation. If you are convicted, you will face a point suspension of your driver’s license. For many clients, their driver’s license is their lifeline to work and school. The attorneys at the Liberty Law Center aggressively defend clients against hit-and-run accident charges, driving without insurance and other traffic violations.

We Are Your Advocate

If you have been charged with a hit-and-run accident, you need a seasoned criminal defense attorney to go to bat for you. We have defended many clients against these types of charges with a track record of success. Our attorneys take pains to gather the facts of the accident, and thoroughly interview you and any witnesses. Armed with the facts and evidence, we approach the district attorney with a reasonable explanation of what happened.

Our Cases


Client was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident and careless driving.


Our attorneys negotiated deferred sentence to the careless driving charge with a driving class, public service and a fine.  All other charges were dismissed.
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You have already been through enough, let us take it from here.

Going through an accident then getting either ticketed or arrested for failing to report things that you did not know you were required to report is quite a lot to endure. We know that you have already had a hard time dealing with insurance issues, the other driver, and the police. Now let us deal with the rest. It is free to talk to us, so you do not have to deal with the stress any longer. Give us a call so we can see how we can resolve this case for you.

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Hit & Run Lawyers

When you need legal advice and a strong criminal defense for hit and run charges, we can help. contact the lawyers at Liberty Law Center or email us for a free initial consultation. Call to schedule your consultation at 719-578-1183 or 303-795-0662.

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