driving without insurance

Has Your Insurance Lapsed?

You can get into a lot of trouble in Colorado if you are pulled over in a traffic stop and cannot produce proof of insurance. In many cases, clients simply forgot to place their insurance card in the glove compartment or didn’t pay their insurance bills on time. Penalties for driving without insurance may include license revocation for up to one year, plus fines.

Skilled Defense Against Uninsured Motorist Charges

Most people find it very difficult to get around without a valid driver’s license. At the Liberty Law Center, we defend clients against all types of traffic violations, including uninsured motorist, hit and run accidents, and speeding. Our attorneys have years of experience in criminal and DUI defense. We are happy to explain the charges, and outline possible solutions. Our goal is to create a positive outcome in as short a time as possible.

When you need personal legal advice and criminal defense service, call the defense lawyers at the Liberty Law Center: 719-578-1183 or 303-795-0662, or e-mail us for a free initial consultation.

Clients are often charged with uninsured motorist in conjunction with other charges. It starts when an officer pulls you over for a traffic violation or suspicion of drunk driving, then asks for proof of insurance. If that happens, our attorneys can provide experienced DUI defense, as well as uninsured motorist defense.

What Happens Next?

If you are convicted of driving without insurance, you may be required to carry SR-22 insurance, which is a special endorsement from the insurance company. SR-22 insurance is more expensive than regular insurance policies, and proof of coverage must be filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles by your SR-22 insurance carrier.

For help in keeping your license and answering a traffic violations charge, contact the law offices of Liberty Law. We are here to support you and provide solid counsel for a favorable outcome.