reinstating your drivers license

Colorado Springs Driver’s License Reinstatement Lawyers

With more than 60 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys of Katzman, Beck & Thom, P.C., have the knowledge to help you with the driver’s license reinstatement process. We understand how important your ability to drive is to both you and your family, as without a license you cannot drive to work or school, transport your family, go to the grocery store, or even participate in recreational activities. Whether you are dealing with driver’s license suspension or revocation or the sometimes required installation of an interlock device in your car due to DUI/DWI charges, we can help with reinstating your drivers license.

Reinstating Your Drivers License

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Obviously our first choice is to avoid any loss of license, but if that can’t be done your ability to gain driver’s license reinstatement after a period of suspension or revocation depends upon your unique situation. At Katzman, Beck & Thom, P.C., we seek to expedite the entire process and will work within the guidelines of the Department of Motor Vehicles to consider all possible options.

At the law firm of Katzman, Beck & Thom, P.C., our experienced lawyers can assist you with the entire process of driver’s license reinstatement, including the initial application, associated reinstatement fees, and all other requirements.

Contact our driver’s license reinstatement lawyers at 719-578-1183 or 303-795-0662 to schedule a free initial consultation today.

We pride ourselves on being caring attorneys who care for every client, and, as such, we understand that this entire process is new and possibly overwhelming for you. Not having a license is a significant challenge that presents many obstacles in your daily life. We have helped many good people through this exact situation. Katzman, Beck & Thom, P.C. is ready to help you.