DUI test

Am I required to take a chemical test?

Colorado is an express consent state. That means that as a condition of having a Colorado driver’s license, you agree to chemical testing if you are stopped by law enforcement. If you refuse, your driver’s license will most likely be revoked for one year. If you refuse a second time, you will lose driving privileges for two years.

The criminal defense lawyers at Katzman, Beck & Thom, P.C., understand how important your driver’s license is. You need to get to work, to school, and pick up the kids from their activities. We can provide experienced counsel to help you find answers to the important question: what happens if I refuse a blood or breath test?

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What Happens if I Refuse a Chemical Test?

The good news: You do have the right to request an administrative hearing to determine if the Colorado DMV has the right to revoke your license. You may continue driving until the date of the hearing. The bad news: You have only seven days to request a hearing. If you are facing this situation, contact a DUI defense lawyer at Katzman, Beck & Thom, P.C., for an appointment right away. If your license IS revoked, you are not allowed to drive for one year, and there is no possibility of getting a restricted or red license even to drive to work or school.

If you are a driver from another state, you are subject to the same Colorado express consent laws as a Colorado-licensed driver. We also represent out-of-state drivers charged with refusing a chemical test. Depending on the county in which you were charged, we can often resolve the situation for out of state clients without them having to return to Colorado.

If you were charged with driving under the influence in Colorado and refused to submit to a chemical test, you can find out more about the effect on your driving privileges by scheduling a confidential consultation with a skilled DWI/DUI defense attorney at Katzman, Beck & Thom, P.C.

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