Young people make mistakes.

Sometimes that mistake is hanging out with the wrong people. Other times it’s being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s easy for children and teens to get pressured by peers into doing the wrong thing. And it’s easy for the adults, including police, to be suspicious of minors even when there is not a lot of evidence.Whether your child has been charged with auto theft, assault, criminal trespass, or any other offense the Colorado juvenile defense lawyers at the Liberty Law Center are here to help.

With more than 30 years experience, our firm knows the juvenile justice system in Colorado including the judges, prosecutors, police, and the resources available to help young people. Katzman, Beck & Thom, P.C., represents children and teens facing criminal charges throughout Colorado, including Colorado Springs, Littleton, Aurora, Denver, Castle Rock, Boulder, Golden, and Cripple Creek.

Is your child/teen facing criminal charges?  

We have experience defending charges including, but not limited to:

  • Burglary, theft, shoplifting
  • Auto theft
  • Assault, fighting
  • Property damage and vandalism
  • Underage drinking / Minor in Possession
  • Drug possession, drug sales, transporting drugs
  • Shoplifting

Protecting Your Young Person’s Future

Remember, you are not alone! At Katzman, Beck & Thom, P.C., our juvenile defense lawyers are here to guide you through this process and provide your child with the strongest defense possible. We will protect your young person from false charges and unfair treatment by the police and prosecutors, and if the charges are unjustified we work hard to get the case dismissed.

When a juvenile is charged, we look at all the facts and present a complete picture to the court. We want to make sure that any sentence he or she receives does the most good with the least damage.

Alternatives for your juvenile

Our attorneys are aware of the options available to help your teen get a fresh start. For first time minor criminal offenses, the District Attorney may be willing to offer to refer the case to Diversion. Diversion offers the opportunity for a juvenile to avoid adjudication (conviction.) Even when your child has made a mistake, we’ll negotiate the least restrictive sentence, such as public service, counseling, drug treatment, traffic school, restitution, probation or deferred sentencing.

Our Cases


Juvenile client charged with a Class 5 Felony for breaking into cars and stealing equipment. Faced detention in a youth correctional facility and hefty fines.


Our attorneys filed a motion challenging the police contact and got the case dismissed.
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Let us help you

Having your child become involved in the criminal justice system at a young age is often very frightening and overwhelming. You need all the support you can get, not only in getting your child through this tough time, but also making sure you as a parent are getting your questions answered. At Katzman, Beck & Thom, P.C., we approach juvenile cases from a family perspective. We are here to not only fight to keep your child’s record clean and get them on a better path towards adulthood, but also to provide you with a strong support system and resources to help your entire family. Our initial consultations are free. There is no reason to do this alone anymore. Let us talk with you to determine the best plan of action for you and your child.

Colorado Springs

Juvenile Defense Lawyers

When you need legal advice and a strong criminal defense for juvenile charges, we can help. contact the lawyers at Liberty Law Center or email us for a free initial consultation. Call to schedule your consultation at 719-578-1183 or 303-795-0662.

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