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Helping Colorado Families with Legal Guidance For All Types Of Domestic, Marital, And Parenting Disputes

When faced with domestic or marital legal matters, you need someone experienced who can lead you through the challenges. From the pain of legal separation and divorce to critical decisions around child custody, our attorneys offer compassionate and skilled legal guidance through it all. At Liberty Law Center, our Colorado Springs family law attorneys are here to help you through life’s journey.

We know that protecting your family and your future are your primary concerns. We know these types of disputes impact the entire family. We will work with you to keep your family intact even if looks a little different than today. That is why we fight aggressively and with empathy for your family’s rights every step of the way, offering quality legal representation to families throughout Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Pueblo, and Teller County.

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Why Do I Need a Family Law Attorney?

Family and Divorce LawyerFamily law is an area of law that focuses on solving domestic issues and helping family members move forward into the future you all envision. There are contracts, settlements, negotiations, and financial issues to consider, and a family law attorney with specific experience handling these cases can help you evaluate all your legal options

While minor family law issues may seem easy to address on your own, you’ll likely find more obstacles than you realize. For example, a divorce with no assets or children can cost significantly more time and money down the road if you file paperwork incorrectly or forget to divide valuable benefits or assets properly.

Your lawyer can address concerns and issues you may not have considered, such as:

  • how divorce may impact your taxes
  • who will pay for the kids’ college tuition
  • physical and legal custody of your children
  • what happens to retirement benefits
  • selling a home during a divorce

Without an experienced family law attorney on your side, you may not receive the money and benefits your family deserves that can impact your future and your financial freedom down the road.

Benefits of Hiring a Liberty Law Family Law Attorney

  • Filing and Completing Forms – The paperwork can be confusing and complicated if not familiar with them. An attorney can simplify this process and reduce some of the stress that can arise during this difficult time of change and family redefinition.
  • Advice/Counsel – We offer support communicating with a spouse,  explain what to do/not do during the case, and refer our clients to needed community resources. Our Attorneys believe you can transition from married life without harm to your children or self.
  • Mediation and Court Strategies –  Our family law attorneys help prepare clients for mediation or court hearing and develop strategies to make these meetings less about confrontation and more about resolution.
  • Advocate – When you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do next or want to make sure you are being heard our firm is here to listen and then speak on your behalf.

Barriers to Hiring an Attorney

Facing domestic or marital legal matters can be overwhelming and feels like your world is coming apart. There are so many questions that arise. Knowing the next steps to take may seem daunting. Having never worked with a lawyer before or unsure of how to select an attorney can keep you from retaining legal representation. The cost of hiring a lawyer alone may keep you from seeking the support needed to keep protect you and your family. Liberty Law Center believes in reasonable retainers and billing practices. Our goal is to partner with you to get or keep your life on track emotionally and financially. Contact us to discuss your concerns and situation.

Family Law Cases We Handle

At Liberty Law Center, our attorneys have successfully helped Colorado families through many types of family legal matters. We have experience handling a wide variety of cases and our track record speaks for itself. Our firm prides itself in providing affordable quality legal representation.

Legal Separation/Divorce | Child Custody | Paternity | Paternal Rights 

Legal Separation and Divorce

The choice to end your marriage is a painful and difficult decision that many couples must make. During this time, tensions and emotions can run high, often necessitating an experienced divorce attorney’s guidance. If you have children, you may also have to address child support, child custody, or parental visitation.

At Liberty Law Center, our Colorado Springs divorce attorneys know that individuals need help through the divorce process. We can help navigate these tricky waters and obtain your settlement fairly and legally. Our attorneys are skilled in negotiation and mediation, and we can help you find solutions to even the most complex divorce proceedings. If your case does go to trial, we are experienced litigators with extensive knowledge of El Paso, Douglas, Teller and Pueblo County family courts.

We can help with a wide range of divorce and legal separation issues, including but  not limited to

  • Division of assets and property
  • Out-of-state divorces
  • Child custody
  • Child support orders and modifications
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Military divorces
  • Uncontested divorce
  • LGBTQ divorces
  • Restraining Orders
  • Contempt of Court Enforcement
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Child Custody

Child custody remains one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce to wrestle with, and Liberty Law Center has helped thousands of people navigate these issues surrounding child custody and child support during legal separation and divorce. We help personalize the legal process so that you aren’t left fending for your children all alone.

Working with Liberty Law Colorado Child Custody Lawyer will ensure that you, your spouse, and your children will get the best possible outcome during the ending of a marriage. While child custody battles can often be contentious, overwhelming, and difficult, it doesn’t have to be when you have legal experts who can help you understand your own rights, your children’s rights, and walk you through the Colorado court system.

Liberty Law Center knows the ends and outs of child support, child custody, and parental responsibility in Colorado.

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Children thrive when both of their parents play an active role in their lives, and our goal is to help your child achieve this biological connection. Sometimes this is best done through paternity testing. When a child is born to parents who are not legally married, paternity tests can help establish the true biological father’s legal rights and responsibilities. This can help fathers who wish to be involved in their child’s life, and also help mothers obtain the support they need to help care for their children. The most significant benefit is to the child who can now have both parents involved in their life. Through paternity testing, children can obtain benefits from both parents, such as healthcare, insurance, and social security.

Parental Rights

If you are facing divorce or your ability to parent is being questioned you want to know your rights when it comes to remaining a part of your child’s life. A parental rights attorney can help protect these rights and advocate for you and our children.

In the state of Colorado, courts assign custody and parental rights according to the best interests of the child. The court will consider:

  • Relationship between the parent and child
  • The child’s wishes
  • Impact on the child facing a move to a new town or state.
  • Parent’s ability to provide the child with a safe and stable home atmosphere
  • If a parent is physically or emotionally abusive to a child,

A parental rights attorney in Colorado can represent you in your desire to maintain a relationship with your child and to ensure the best outcome for your children.

Step-Parents’ Rights

Colorado recognizes the rights of psychological parents. These parents love and look after a child in their earliest years, but may not be the child’s biological parents. The courts realize that children often do best with psychological or step-parents continuing involvement in their lives. Obtaining parental rights as a psychological parent is not easy, but with our help, you can obtain:

  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Child support

Grandparent Rights

When parents get divorced, grandparents are often left wondering how they will maintain a relationship with their grandkids. Colorado law allows grandparents to request visitation of their grandkids and seek custody in certain situations. Grandparent’s rights are important and our family law attorneys work tirelessly to protect those rights every step of the way.

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Why Choose the Family Attorneys at Liberty Law Center

People rely on Liberty Law Center for many reasons, including our:

  • Small-firm/ Personalized Service — We handle sophisticated family matters with the highest degree of professionalism do so in a small-firm environment.
  • Strong Recommendations — Peers, judges, and former clients have recognized Liberty Law Center’s achievements over Colorado’s decades of practice.
  • Experienced / Knowledgable  Staff — We have been serving Colorado clients for over 40 years. Our lawyers and employees have the background and commitment necessary to provide high-quality, caring representation whether your case is highly contentious or can be resolved amicably.
  • Reasonable Retainers — Our Colorado Springs family attorneys believe everyone should have access to quality legal representation. We work with our clients to break down the payment barriers to provide the legal support you deserve.

We Are Here to Help

At Liberty Law Center, our family law attorneys have more than 40 years of experience assisting Coloradans in litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods.

We are a trusted Colorado Family Law firm providing services ranging from divorce to complex child custody matters. We are proud to offer legal guidance and assistance to families in Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Pueblo, Teller County, and throughout the Pikes Peak Region.

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