A Simple Argument Can Get Heated

If police are called as a result of a dispute with your spouse or significant other, you may find yourself facing criminal charges, such as assault or harassment. If the police believe there is probable cause that a criminal offense has occurred, either you or significant other may face arrest. You could then be required to spend the night or even days in jail before a bond is set by the court.

We Take The Time To Listen And Understand Your Side Of The Story.

We know there is often more to a domestic violence charge than meets the eye. At the Liberty Law Center, our defense lawyers thoroughly investigate your domestic violence case to present all the facts and circumstances to the prosecutor and judge. When the abuse claims are false or a result of self-defense, we work hard to get the case dismissed. In other cases, we look for alternative sentencing options to avoid jail time and help our clients move on with their lives with as few restrictions as possible. We understand that your future is on the line. We fight hard to provide the best defense to protect your liberty.

If you need to hire domestic violence lawyers in Colorado Springs, Liberty Law Center is here for you. Contact our office to talk with us about your case.

How Domestic Violence Can Affect Your Life

You may face court orders that restrict your access to your house and your family. Conviction of domestic violence charges may prevent you from possessing a firearm and, depending on your occupation, may cause you to lose your job or career. We at the Liberty Law Center. will fight to protect your rights, including those to possess firearms, live in your own home, and interact with your family.

Fast Track System

Frequently, domestic violence cases are handled on a “fast track” system. You may have your case set for trial within 60 days of your first appearance in court. You will also likely have a restraining order placed on you by the court. Because of this, it is important that you contact one of our lawyers as soon as possible. We can help you decide if trial is the best option or if there are alternatives to resolve the case with the best outcome available.

Domestic Violence Used In Divorce Cases

Family situations are some of the most difficult to sort out, especially for the justice system. A partner could make false allegations of domestic abuse or child abuse during a divorce to get the upper hand in divorce court. An action that would be reasonable when a relationship is going well might be viewed as harassment, menacing, or stalking when a relationship is on the rocks. If you’re worried that your partner may be accusing you of Domestic Violence to get the upper hand, call us immediately. We can help you with both the criminal and civil aspects of your case and help you figure out the best course of action.

Defense Against Restraining Orders

The Liberty Law center can help you if your partner or former partner files for a restraining order against you too. Usually, the case will be set for a hearing to make a temporary restraining order permanent. A permanent restraining order can have lasting consequences on your life and can be very difficult to remove. It is possible for the judge to make a finding of domestic violence, which can affect your ability to own or possess firearms, get an apartment, or find employment. Our lawyers will fight hard to prevent the other party from succeeding in putting these restrictions on your life.

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At Liberty Law Center, our family law attorneys have more than 40 years of experience assisting Coloradans in litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods.

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