Several states are cracking down on DUI offenders in every way that they can in an effort to make the streets safer.  Many states, including Colorado, are increasing the instances in which they require drivers convicted of DUI to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle and a few states are even experimenting with 24/7 monitoring options like alcohol monitoring ankle bracelets.

While ignition interlock devices are thought to be a great tool for preventing subsequent instances of driving under the influence, the devices aren’t completely without flaws.  There have been reports of ignition interlock devices displaying false-positive readings after a DUI offender used mouthwash containing alcohol.  These false positives could pose a serious inconvenience if the offender had somewhere that he needed to be, like work or court.

Ignition interlock devices are only a small portion of the possible penalties a driver convicted of DUI in Colorado could face as well.  First-time offenders in Colorado could face serious fines, jail time, license suspension, and mandatory treatment programs.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Colorado you need the help of an experienced Colorado DUI attorney if you hope to walk away from your hearings without suffering to the fullest extent of the law.  An experienced Colorado DUI attorney will know what defense strategies are the most effective for drivers facing DUI charges and will work with the prosecutor in an effort to get your charges reduced in order to minimize the possible penalties that you could face as a result of a DUI conviction.