The penalties for a first DUI conviction in Colorado are among the most severe in the country.  If the prosecution secures a conviction you could face fines of up to one thousand dollars, spend up to a year in prison and have your driver’s license suspended for up to nine months.

Don’t expect any leniency at all if you are caught and charged with an underage DUI either.  In fact the penalties are the same for an underage DUI as they are for a driver who is legally able to drink.  The big difference between a Colorado DUI and an underage DUI in Colorado is the BAC that can be used to secure the conviction.

The legal limit for a driver who is of age to drink is .08, but an underage driver can be charged with a DUI with a BAC of only .02.  A man of average bodyweight could reach a .02 blood alcohol after having consumed only a drink or two over the course of an hour, a woman of average bodyweight could reach the underage DUI limit with even less to drink.

The potential penalties you could face from a DUI conviction could affect your personal and professional lives and most certainly cause you financial hardship.  If you’ve been arrested for a Colorado DUI or underage DUI you need the help of an experienced Colorado DUI attorney.  A Colorado DUI attorney will fight to get your DUI charges reduced to lesser charges so that the possible punishments that you will receive will be more manageable.