The licensing of medical marijuana use may on its surface seem to be a decriminalizing measure for marijuana possession to the ill informed, but as with all new laws incidents not thought of before passage must be dealt with by the courts as they come to light. Take for instance the case involving Colorado two year old mistakenly ingesting medical marijuana while visiting a registered user. It has been investigated and referred to the District Attorney. It will be decided if criminal charges are filed. The mother has spoken with the police and may be asked additional questions. In this case the child luckily, was not harmed. Whether charges are filed or not, it is apparent that marijuana can still be the catalyst for criminal charges being filed in the state.

If you have been arrested for possession of marijuana for personal use or intent to distribute you should hire a Colorado criminal defense attorney. They have the expert knowledge in the new marijuana laws and can offer you the best possible defense in your case. It may be as simple as proving you have gone through the proper procedures to register as person allowed possession of medical marijuana. If it is not that simple a Colorado criminal defense attorney will investigate all records of your arrest and may find there was no reasonable cause for the search that lead to the discovery of the substance. Many other procedures must be followed in an arrest and the Colorado criminal defense attorney knows everyone and will do their best to have the case thrown out, arrange a plea bargain, or have the charge reduced,

With new legislation comes unforeseen circumstances that can lead to new case law and new violators of that law. As in the Boulder case involving the toddler the” jury”, so to speak, is still out. If you find yourself on the wrong side of this new marijuana law and have been indicted, you need a Colorado criminal defense attorney. They are your best chance at keeping your freedom.