DUI laws in Colorado are constantly changing and the prospective penalties are consistently becoming more difficult.  Attempting to structure your own DUI defense in Colorado may seem like the most logical way to save money when facing DUI charges, especially if you feel as though the evidence being used against you is incorrect or if you feel as though the arresting officer acted in a manner that was unlawful when gathering evidence.

It’s very likely though that making the choice to defend yourself will wind up costing you much more than it could save you if the prosecutor manages to secure a conviction.  The potential penalties you’ll face from a DUI conviction are far too serious to take lightly when it comes time to develop your defense.

An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will have the knowledge necessary to build the best possible defense for your particular situation.  Your Colorado criminal defense attorney will have been in this situation several times before and have intimate knowledge of which tactics work well and which don’t in a DUI defense.

Your experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will be able to quickly pick out pieces of information that are integral to your defense and use them in an effort to get the charges against you dropped.  Even if the prosecutor has what seems to be a strong case against you your Colorado criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate a lesser charge that could result in much less severe penalties – a feat that would be very difficult to accomplish when defending yourself.