The ball actually gets rolling fairly quickly when it comes to the process of facing DUI charges.  In fact, if you don’t act quickly following your DUI arrest there is a very good chance that your punishments stemming from your DUI charges will be much more severe than they need to be.

You’ve only got a very brief window of opportunity in order to schedule a hearing with the Colorado DMV, if you miss that opportunity it is very likely that you will be without driving privileges for the foreseeable future.  Retaining your driving privileges, even in a limited capacity, is of critical importance if you want to maintain some semblance of normalcy in your life and have the ability to handle everyday duties like getting to work and running errands.  The best way to fight to retain your driving privileges following a DUI arrest is by enlisting the help of an experienced Colorado DUI attorney as soon as possible.

A Colorado DUI attorney will ensure that your DMV hearing is scheduled within the allowable time frame and that you’ve got the most plausible defense in place as the hearing unfolds.  Your Colorado DUI attorney knows how important the ability to operate a vehicle is to your daily life and will fight to help you keep your license.  By enlisting the help of an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible following your arrest you help to ensure that you will have the best possible defense in place from the very beginning and ensure that you’ll have a reasonable chance of having your charges either reduced or dismissed.