A self-proclaimed street “superhero” was recently cleared of assault charges, according to a recent KRDO story. Ben Fodor, a.k.a. “Phoenix Jones” appeared in court wearing a hood, which he was asked to remove. After being told he would face charges, he put his hood back on and left the court. A swarm of reporters followed him.

Fodor often patrols the streets of Seattle wearing a mask and a skintight gold and black rubber suit. On October 9,  he was arrested and charged with assault after he allegedly pepper sprayed a group of people who were leaving a nightclub. His spokesman claimed Fodor was attempting to break up a fight. Video footage of the incident showed Fodor being chased by a woman wielding a purse, then him shooting what looked like pepper spray at a group of people. He was only one arrested during the altercation.

Seattle police criticized Fodor for overreacting, stating that the city does not need vigilantes. Fodor told reporters outside the courthouse that he would continue patrolling the streets. He told reporters that he was not only a “superhero”, but also a brother and father. He said the difference between him and everyone else was that he actually tried to stop crime.  He extended an invitation for folks to come with him on future patrols and then left without further comments.

The Seattle City Attorney’s office did not respond to questions about whether Fodor would be charged at a later date.

The “superhero” in this case may have faced charges because of his use of the pepper spray. While his heart is in the right place, the task of upholding the law is better left to trained police officers, or our superhero will end up facing legal charges he won’t be able to walk away from or getting seriously hurt or killed.