These days, our smartphones are able to do almost anything for us—track our speed in traffic, give directions, count our footsteps, identify our sleeping patterns…Our pocket-sized, handheld devices are capable of providing us with technology that we never knew we needed. Over the past few years, technology has been developing even further in the smartphone era, as a Smart product is being developed that can identify how much you’ve been drinking.

Smart Breathalyzer

Over 100 different products are now available on the market that can test your B.A.C with a simple puff of a breath into the device. Then, the device syncs with the associated phone app and will tell you how much you’ve been drinking, even warning you when you’ve had too much and shouldn’t be driving. Some devices will even call an Uber for you if your B.A.C level is too close for comfort. Other devices have been working with Smart Car compatibility, meaning your car would stop you from driving altogether.

Smart Breathalyzer Accuracy

However, even though most breathalyzer apps account for your body type, weight, and age, it still may not be 100% accurate. A New York Times Author took a few of these devices to the test, alongside a police-grade model to compare the effectiveness and accuracy of these devices. Besides the law-enforcement model, only one other Smart Breathalyzer could accurately determine his exact B.A.C. Others did not react as quickly, while others were too low in their predictions.

The bottom line is, regardless of the available technology, you should never be driving after you’ve been drinking. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to getting behind the wheel, as even technology is not up-to-speed quite yet.