Depending on the circumstances, judges often decide to reduce the maximum penalties for a crime, and as you may already know, many offenders receive a probation sentence. Generally, probation is a type of criminal sentence issued by a judge that frees a convicted person into the community instead of sending the criminal to jail or prison—provided he or she follows specific conditions.  Typically, offenders who receive probation penalties have a strict set of parameters to which they must adhere in order to avoid returning to court and receiving the maximum penalty for their offenses.

Probation officers play a crucial role in this process by putting offenders through a strenuous rehabilitation process that ensures the offenders adhere to those strict sets of parameters.  Those who don’t adhere to those strict parameters—or who accidentally violate those parameters by say, visiting an out-of-state family member—will often be issued a bench-warrant.  In those cases, violators of probation must face the judge—often the same one who initially sentenced them—for a hearing, and the violator does not have the benefit of a jury.

If you’ve been convicted of a crime and you’ve received a probation sentence, you should take care that you have all the information you need to ensure you don’t violate your probation.  A Colorado criminal defense attorney can provide you with the information you need to ensure you don’t accidentally do something to initiate a motion to revoke your probation.  The consequences of violating your probation may be severe.

For instance, not only could you receive the original sentence and associated penalties for the committed crime, you could also receive the maximum sentence should the judge decide against you.  Such a sentence could be devastating, especially if you were not actually—or unknowingly—in violation of your probation.   Consider also, that oftentimes, simple clerical errors result in the issuance of a wrongful bench-warrant.  Should you find yourself in this situation, would you know what to do to ensure you didn’t unnecessarily receive the maximum penalty?  In the event you’ve been convicted of a crime and received a probation sentence, you may want to consider contacting a criminal defense attorney to stay informed and avoid worst-case scenarios.