After your arrest and trial for a criminal matter in Colorado is over, you may think that you will be done with legal entanglements, but probation is often a consequence of a conviction for a crime like DUI, reckless driving, drug possession or domestic violence. A criminal defense lawyer can represent you in court, but your Colorado criminal defense attorney can also help you face the aftermath of your criminal charges, and they can represent you in front of a judge if you have violated the terms of your probation.

There are many circumstances where someone convicted of a crime can unintentionally violate the terms of their probation as set down by a Colorado criminal judge, including:

  • failure to install an ignition interlock device in a DUI case
  • accidentally violating a restraining order in a domestic violence case due to an unexpected trip or errand that takes you into areas where the alleged victim works or shops
  • being unable to check in with a probation officer due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances
  • moving and forgetting to change your address with the probation office
  • missing a deadline for filing legal paperwork

Sometimes these probation violations can lead to other criminal charges. For example, if you miss a deadline to get your driver’s license back after a Colorado DUI conviction, you could be facing criminal charges for driving on a suspended license. A Colorado criminal defense attorney will be able to help you keep your driver’s license in a DUI case so that you don’t run the risk of this serious criminal traffic violation.

An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney can help you face these types of probation violations in court, as well as help you avoid many of violations. With a defense lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that all legal paperwork will be handled in a timely manner, including address changes and paperwork regarding community service or other conditions of probation.