Getting arrested for suspicion of DUI or DWI is a very serious situation. Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can result in very serious penalties, including jail time, a suspended driver’s license and heavy fines. These penalties get worse if there are other traffic violations associated with a DUI charge. If you were involved in an accident that caused property damage or injury in addition to being suspected of DUI, the possible legal penalties you’ll face could be much more severe.

When you’ve been arrested for suspicion of DUI, the best step to take to ensure a fair trial with a livable outcome is to enlist the help of an experienced defense attorney. Many people think that they can get through a DUI case without an attorney, but a defense lawyer can mean the difference between spending time in jail and simply paying a fine. A good defense attorney who has experience in dealing with these types of cases is critical to establishing a solid defense when fighting charges like DWI, aggravated DWI or vehicular assault.

A defense attorney will scrutinize the available evidence to find bits and pieces of information that can be used to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case. Often, defense attorneys with experience in major traffic offenses like vehicular assault or Driving Under the Influence can reconstruct the accident or the conditions that led to your traffic stop in order to prove your innocence. A defense lawyer can also bring up mitigating circumstances in your defense. If you’ve got a clean driving and criminal record, your defense attorney will be able to highlight that information in an effort to reduce the possible penalties that you’ll face.

In many DWI cases there is just too much in the way of solid evidence for the court system to ignore. In these cases, a good defense attorney can be a critical asset if the evidence is strong. If your defense attorney feels as though a DUI conviction is imminent, he or she may be able to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution in order to get the penalties you’ll face reduced.  An experienced DUI attorney will have relationships with local prosecutors and judges that will allow you to make a favorable deal.

A DUI conviction in which you face the stiffest possible penalties could affect you for years to come in many different ways. If you’ve been arrested for DUI and feel as though the prosecution has a good case against you, reach out to a qualified defense attorney for a consultation immediately.