Colorado law enforcement and judges take criminal charges like domestic violence very seriously, and anyone who has been arrested for domestic violence needs an aggressive Colorado criminal defense attorney on their side. If you or someone you love has been accused of domestic violence, you should contact a defense lawyer immediately. Often, police officers will make an arrest in these kinds of cases very quickly after a complaint has been made, and they may even forgo gathering evidence or conducting an investigation. In these types of situations, the accused needs a defense attorney with them to ensure that their rights are upheld and that they are protected from incriminating themselves or giving evidence to the police.

Because the Colorado laws governing domestic battery are designed to protect the alleged victims, the penalties for a conviction can be severe. Penalties can include a public posting of the conviction on the Colorado court’s website and other publicly-available sites such as the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. An arrest for domestic violence will also appear on any background checks performed by a prospective employer or other agency. A Colorado criminal defense attorney can also help individuals seal criminal records if necessary following this kind of action.

In some cases, individuals who have been arrested for domestic violence are required to sign a restraining order in order to get out of jail. Restraining orders can keep the accused from contacting or going near the alleged victim, as well as other restrictions on the freedoms of the accused. An individual subject to a restraining order is also supposed to stay away from places where the alleged victims is likely to frequent. This kind of vague wording can make it easy for the accused to violate a restraining order without meaning to; for example, if they happen to go to the same shopping center as the alleged victim or if they live in a small town near the victim. If you are subject to a restraining order, you need a Colorado criminal defense lawyer helping you to answer for your domestic violence charges and protecting your rights.