In Denver, CO this past May, a dispute between a woman and her ex-boyfriend—involving a history of domestic violence—erupted into a conflict resulting in a murder-suicide.  The tragic incident—which occurred in a Highlands-area home—involved a 44-year old addiction counselor, Denise Fransua, and her ex-boyfriend, Steven Romero.  According to reports and various Colorado news sources, the murder victim—and mother of two—left her home one evening in May to visit her ex-boyfriend.  Presumably, Denise Fransua visited her ex-boyfriend in attempt to return his dog and completely sever their soured relationship.  Unfortunately, however, the visit ended in tragedy, as evidence indicates the ex-boyfriend, Romero, shot Fransua in the back, and then, hours later, shot himself in the head.

As previously indicated, those involved in the lives of Fansua and Romero presume that the couples’ relationship involved a history of domestic violence, and that Romero created a tense domestic environment for Fransua and her two children.  Fransua’s son, Aaron Knudsen, reported that his mother’s boyfriend, Romero, would act very kind around friends and family, but had a tense, controlling, fearful air about him in private.  (Indeed, those in relationships involving domestic violence typically deal with abuse individuals who are adept at camouflaging their abusiveness at just the right moment.)  Knudsen also reported that this prolonged period of tenseness experienced by his mother resulted in her decision to finally leave Romero.  Unfortunately, though, Fransua’s decision to leave the abusive relationship did not stop her—and the rest of her family—from avoiding tragic consequences.

While the loss of their mother weighs heavily on Knudsen and his sister, he and his sibling now have other difficulties to face, including the loss of their home.  As a result of their mother’s death, they will lose their house—primarily due to the fact they themselves have no means of paying the mortgage.

Truly, to say domestic violence is an extremely serious matter would be an understatement, and accordingly, those finding themselves in a situation wherein they’ve been accused of domestic violence should do everything within their power to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Failure to do so could result in terrible and far-reaching consequences for all parties involved.