Holidays in  Colorado mean an increase in DUI checkpoints and DUI patrols and several more DUI arrests.  It’s true that instances of impaired driving tend to go up when people feel as though they have a reason to celebrate and while it is essential that law enforcement officials take the steps necessary to keep Colorado streets safe these increased efforts can sometimes lead to unnecessary arrests.

During these increased efforts where officers will conduct the same tests and potentially use the same equipment dozens or even hundreds of times there is a very good chance that a malfunction or oversight could occur resulting in an unnecessary arrest for suspected DUI.

If you are facing DUI charges in Colorado the best thing that you can do to avoid suffering the harshest punishments imposed as a result of a conviction is to reach out to an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney.  Contacting a Colorado criminal defense attorney immediately following your arrest will provide the necessary time to structure the solid defense that you will need to minimize the potential punishments that you could face.

Your Colorado criminal defense attorney will thoroughly examine the evidence of the prosecution to determine what, if any, evidence could be inaccurate an eligible for exclusion from your trail.  By eliminating key pieces of evidence in the hands of the prosecution your Colorado criminal defense attorney will increase the chances of your charges being reduced or dismissed.