The National Transportation Safety Board today recommended that all first-time DUI offenders be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicles. The recommendation adopted by NTSB, came as part of the Board’s study on wrong-way collisions. The Board found alcohol-impaired driving was the leading cause of wrong-way collisions.

According to the Board, only 17 states require interlock devices for first-time offenders. Colorado is one of those 17 states. In Colorado, a driver who has had their license revoked for a DUI conviction or a chemical test result above .08 is required to install an interlock in order to reinstate their license. Colorado also requires the interlock for drivers with multiple DUI or DWAI convictions. “Technology is the game changer in reducing alcohol-related crashes on our nation’s highways” according to NTSB Chair Deborah Hersman.

The NTSB study found that of the approximately 260 fatal wrong way crashes each year in the United States, most happened at night and on weekends. The Board also recommended that better lighting, signage and roadway markings could reduce the number if wrong-way crashes.