Colorado DUI LegislatureDUI law is constantly changing and evolving, especially as DUI numbers rise throughout Colorado Springs. As of early April, Colorado will likely see a new change in legislature regarding felony DUI cases. This new measure would require a minimum sentence for those who have multiple DUI’s, sentencing convicts to a minimum of 90 days in jail, or 120 days in a jail work-release program. This new piece of legislature follows closely to the 2015 Felony DUI act that is now in place across Colorado, which states that if you are charged with a DUI after having 3 or more DUI charges against you, you will be charged with a Class 4 Felony.

Colorado lawmakers are taking this 2015 Felony DUI Act even more seriously with this new movement-in-the-making. This was brought to light due to the concern and criticism that judges were not consistent in their sentencing when dealing with multiple DUI cases. Sometimes there was probation with no jail time, other times, jail time with no probation. Thus, a measure of consistency is trying to be established so that the courts do not have room to fluctuate back and forth between a greater or a lesser sentence.

The Denver Post collected data in 2016 that revealed that judges were giving drastically different sentence for drivers who had a habitual record of driving while intoxicated. These studies revealed that 8 percent of convicted felony DUI defendants received zero incarceration time, while almost 30% received prison sentences. House Bill 17-1288 would makes sure that there will always be a minimum, consistent sentence when dealing with felony DUI cases.

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