A seemingly small bag of marijuana can easily be turned into a wide array of criminal drug charges from misdemeanor possession to felony distribution, depending upon the course of the arresting officer’s investigation. Drug charges can have serious consequences for the accused, including mandatory time in prison, probation and large fines. Even a misdemeanor possession charge can result in some serious legal consequences, but these consequences can become more severe if a felony charge is leveled.

There is no need to feel pressured by the prosecution to simply accept whatever penalty they might hand down for the charges filed against you. Any drug charge can result in negative repercussions, and you should do everything in your power to ensure that you receive a fair trial.  Enlisting the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible following your arrest will ensure that you have a solid defense prepared by the time your trial is scheduled to take place.

A conviction on drug charges is a very dangerous prospect, especially for someone who has already faced and been convicted of a drugs or weapons charge previously. These sorts of situations can easily lead to felony drug charges. A felony drug charge can remain on your criminal record and have a serious effect on a number of areas of your life in the future.  In addition to the fines and jail time that you could possibly face at the time of conviction, a felony drug charge may prohibit you from getting your dream job or getting financial aid for college at some point down the road.  This is why you need to reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible following a charge for a drug related offense.

Felony drug charges are usually leveled for cases where law enforcement thinks that the accused is intending to manufacture or distribute drugs, as well as in cases of possession of a large amount of drugs. A criminal defense attorney with experience handling drug possession, manufacturing or distribution cases will be amply prepared to structure a sound defense for your case based upon the information available.  A good criminal defense attorney will likely have experience defending dozens or possibly hundreds of clients who’ve been in your exact position and he or she will be able to use that wealth of experience gathered during those trials to present the best possible defense for your case.

To minimize the legal consequences for a drug conviction, a defense lawyer is necessary. Anyone who has been charged with a drug crime needs to contact a defense attorney as soon as they know about the charges so that an attorney can begin working on their defense.