In 2009, The Denver Post published a story about a multiple DUI offender whose persistence in drinking and driving amassed 18 offenses over a period of 27 years.  His behavior eventually culminated in the death of his ex-wife who was a passenger in the car with him at the time of his last incident

While the years of fines, jail sentences, and other penalties associated with DUI and DWAI convictions might seem like strong-enough deterrents to encourage individuals to curb such behavior, these legal consequences—apparently—do not provide sufficient motivation.  Very often DUI offenders—despite having served sentences or having paid hefty fines—end-up back on the roads engaging in the same illegal and dangerous behavior they did prior to their original offense.  To explain, according to information provided to The Denver Post by the Division of Motor Vehicles, over 50,000 individuals in the state of Colorado have had three or more DUI offenses, and 51 individuals have had ten or more DUI offenses.  In the case of the particular driver reported by The Denver Post, he received multiple DUI charges (and subsequent convictions) prior to the final vehicular homicide DUI incident involving his ex-wife.

Sadly, a significant number of offenders do not alter their risky behavior, and as such, they end-up seriously injuring or even killing other motorists and passengers—including members of their own family.  As such, these offenders end-up facing vehicular homicide-DUI charges.  While DUI and DWAI charges result in serious enough consequences, those consequences resulting from vehicular homicide should give individuals pause before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Not only do convicted vehicular homicide offenders face extended jail and prison sentences (as well as enhanced fines), they also face—potentially—a lifetime of guilt and heartache knowing that they’ve taken an innocent life.

While individuals who plan on drinking should take every precaution to avoid getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, the reality of the situation is that alcohol and other substances impair peoples’ judgment and ability to make good decisions.  As such, a qualified Colorado DUI criminal defense attorney should be sought out by anyone facing charges and a potential DUI conviction.