A man in Rochester, New York was recently charged with child endangerment and assault. WHEC News 10 recently reported that the suspect is accused of burning his daughter and making a family dog attack her. Police reports stated that in September, the suspect held his daughter’s hands on a burning stove burner, then put her in a room and ordered the family dog to bite her.

The 7-year-old girl suffered dog bites and second degree burns. Reporters went to the suspect’s home and were met by the suspect’s wife, who insisted her husband was innocent. The suspect was scheduled to appear in court, but evidence presented by the District Attorney’s office moved the grand jury to indict the suspect.

The suspect committed a reprehensible act. The prosecutor in the case expressed outrage at what he put the child through, and no doubt the prosecutor will push for the maximum sentence under the law. In Colorado, child abuse is a Class 2 felony or Class 1 misdemeanor, depending on the nature of the abuse. If you stand accused of child abuse, you’re going to need a good criminal defense attorney. If you have children, such an accusation can result in your children being taken away from you temporarily or even permanently. An accusation of child abuse can adversely effect personal and professional relationships, as well as your reputation. A Colorado criminal defense attorney can present your side of the story, while making sure you are treated fairly throughout the entire legal proceedings.