Colorado DUI laws impose harsh legal and administrative penalties on individuals who are convicted of a DUI in the state. These penalties get more severe if an individual has multiple DUIs or other criminal traffic offenses like reckless driving or excessive speed. Ignition interlock devices are one of the penalties the courts can impose after a DUI, and installation of a device is usually a requirement for getting your driver’s license reinstated. If you find yourself facing Colorado DUI charges, you need to contact a Colorado DUI attorney as soon as possible.


An ignition interlock device is a mechanism that connects a vehicle’s ignition to a breathalyzer machine. The driver must blow into the machine before starting the vehicle and periodically as they drive. If there is alcohol on the driver’s breath that is higher than the level set by the company who installed the device the vehicle will fail to start. The levels that the company sets are set down by the Colorado court that issues the DUI citation. Generally, ignition interlock BAC levels are between 0.02% and 0.04%. With an aggressive and experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney on your side, you can get the lowest possible limit on your ignition interlock device.


Unfortunately, the driver has to pay for the ignition interlock device out of their own pocket, so it adds another financial burden to the fines and fees associated with a DUI conviction. There are state programs to help pay for these devices, but the burden lies with the offender. You might be able to avoid this additional burden if you have an attorney on your side during your DUI court appearance.


Generally, ignition interlock devices are required of individuals with multiple DUIs, BAC levels of twice the legal limit or other circumstances that make a DUI conviction more serious. However, Colorado courts have the right to require them of first-time DUI offenders as well, so it always pays to have an attorney on your side when facing DUI charges. An attorney can challenge the BAC evidence, the reason for the DUI stop or other evidence against you and get your DUI charges waived. An attorney can also help you plea bargain to a lesser charge like DWAI that does not include the ignition interlock device requirement.