This Halloween, both Colorado State Patrol as well as various county sheriffs’ offices will step-up their efforts to maintain safe road conditions.  While they have many reason for doing so, they’ll do this primarily to  minimize the incidents of impaired and under-the-influence drivers on the road.  For example, just last week, the Douglas County Sheriff’s office announced that they will provide additional staff along roadways to conduct DUI Saturation Patrol from October 28th through November 1st.  Douglas County, as well as other counties throughout Colorado, tend to ratchet-up DUI enforcement whenever any festivities or holiday celebrations roll-around.  During Spring Break last April, deputies arrested 18 individuals for driving under the influence.

While the number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities in Colorado has declined over the past decade, checkpoints throughout the state continue to serve as an effective means of maintaining safe roadways.  Much of the decline may even be attributed to these checkpoints as well as the DUI Saturation Patrols during the holiday seasons.

With both the state patrol and additional county deputies on the roads, you may very well find yourself passing through one of these checkpoints this Halloween weekend.  As such you may want to take moment to review your rights as well as the typical questions posed and requests made of motorists by officers.  For instance, the officer may ask you to step out of your vehicle, and he or she may even ask to search your vehicle.  Also, in an effort to determine whether or not you have been driving under the influence, the offices may ask you to perform a sobriety test or even take a breath-alcohol test.  In the event officers begin asking you such questions, do you know what rights the law affords you?  Furthermore, do you know what’s a stake or what penalties are associated if you an officer arrests you and you are charged with a DUI?  A Colorado DUI defense attorney can answer these questions and a myriad others, so while you may plan to play it safe this Halloween by designating a driver, you may still want to take the extra time to educate yourself in case the off-chase or the unthinkable occurred.