The nation’s birthday is a time when many people gather and celebrate the nation with cookouts, parades, and outdoor concerts. It is a festive time, but sometimes it can lead to overindulging in food and alcoholic beverages. The police are usually making sure they are visible during this and other holidays with DUI checkpoints. It’s best to avoid any problems by being conservative in celebrating or having a designated driver. If you do get stopped and fail a field sobriety test you should seek the counsel of a Colorado criminal defense attorney. It’s not a given that you are guilty. There are many cases where the driver is mistakenly charged and you may be one of them. The Colorado criminal defense attorney has many ways to attack the case against you.

Once you are charged with driving under the influence the weight of the world will be on your shoulders. The government’s case can seem strong against you. The Colorado criminal defense attorney is there to help you with the burden. There are many organizations like MADD lobbying to make penalties stronger. These efforts may lead to much harsher second offense penalties, so it’s advisable to make a strong effort to have this charge reduced or possibly dismissed. You may feel overwhelmed and disappointed with yourself for being in this position. Don’t let that lead no action. Be proactive and retain counsel. The Colorado criminal defense attorney may prove the breathalyzer was poorly maintained and may even have given you a high reading when you were actually under the limit. There may have been other improper circumstances regarding your arrest. Something done by the police in error and discovered by the Colorado defense attorney could be a strong factor in reducing charges and the penalties and fines you face.

The holidays are a time to enjoy. Driving past the highly visible checkpoints on these and other days are a good reminder to watch your celebrating. If you do have a problem, the Colorado criminal defense attorney is going to be there for your protection. They will be the one who can best serve your needs in this case. You should be wary of having a defeatist attitude. The case may seem overwhelming to you but it may not to your Colorado criminal defense attorney. Meet with one and be sure to have someone there for you.