When it comes to driving under the influence, there are two separate charges involved: the criminal charges for breaking laws against driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and the traffic charges in order to suspend a driver’s license. While the criminal charges for DUI are heard in criminal court, license suspension charges are heard by traffic court in a DMV hearing. Some drivers get so overly absorbed in the possibility of the penalties they’ll face during their criminal hearing from a drunk driving arrest that they tend to completely look past the license suspension hearing process. Though this hearing has no bearing on the potential fines that you’ll face from a DUI conviction or the possible time behind bars that you’ll be required to spend, it is an integral part of the process for retaining your driving privileges.

In most states, if you don’t schedule your DMV hearing in a timely manner following your arrest for drunk driving, the initial revocation of your driving privileges will very likely be upheld, and you won’t have much recourse when it comes to trying to get back on the road. This is why hiring a qualified DUI attorney is a very wise move following an arrest for DUI, DWI, DWAI or another drunk driving violation.

A defense attorney with experience in drunk driving cases will not only get your license suspension hearing scheduled prior to the deadline, but they’ll be able to formulate the best possible strategy for your specific situation. An experienced DUI attorney will have helped countless clients in your situation and will know exactly what information is important to present in the venue of the DMV hearing in order to get your license suspension reduced or possible even lifted.

An experienced DUI attorney knows just how important the DMV hearing is to reinstating your driver’s license and maintaining some semblance of order in your lifestyle.  Getting your driver’s license back, even in a limited capacity, is critical if you hope to be able to get to and from work and other obligations following a drunk driving arrest. Once you’ve had an experienced defense attorney with experience in drunk driving cases help you navigate the difficult DMV hearing, you’ll be able to clearly focus on the criminal portion of your hearing with their help as well. Having a good DUI defense lawyer by your side is crucial to fighting a conviction at every step in order to realize the best results possible from your DUI case.