Do you charge a consultation fee?

We offer Free Consultations on DUI, Criminal, and Traffic cases. Please call for our consultation fee on Family Law, Divorce, and Child Custody cases.

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What If I’m From Out Of State?

If you are a driver from another state, you are subject to the same laws and penalties as a Colorado-licensed driver. This also applies to the  Colorado express consent laws. That means that as a condition of driving in Colorado,

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What is an interlock device?

An interlock device on your car requires you to breath into it before the car will operate to make sure you have not ingested any alcohol. You have to pay installation and monitoring costs. The interlock must be installed on

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Is jail mandatory with a DUI arrest?

Some Colorado statutes indicate that jail is mandatory in certain situations. For instance, if you are convicted of DUI or DWAI and have a prior conviction for an alcohol driving offense, you could be facing a sentence of a minimum

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What is the difference between a Revocation and a Suspension?

If you are revoked, you are generally not eligible for a work license or any other driving privilege unless you are eligible for a restricted interlock driver’s license. In some situations, you may be able to reinstate early. A suspension usually results from

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How do I request a DMV hearing?

If you refused the test or if you submitted to a breath test with a result at or above the limits stated above, you should have been served with a notice of revocation. This notice gives you 7 days to

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What happens if I refused the chemical test?

A Department of Motor Vehicle administrative hearing will be held if your test result is .08 or over (.02 if you are under 21 years of age) or if you refused to take a chemical test. On first offenses the

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Do I have to take a blood or breath test?

No you don’t. However, if you refuse to take a chemical BAC test your license is likely to be revoked for 1 year on a first refusal, 2 years on a second refusal, and 3 years on a third refusal.  If

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