What To Do After an Arrest in Colorado Springs?

Call the Liberty Law Center as soon as you are able. Our lawyers can be with you during all hearings and during the bail process. In addition, we will protect your rights and prevent officers and investigators from trying to

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What If It’s My First Offense?

Even one conviction can have a significant impact on your life. A traffic offense can affect your insurance rates, your privilege to drive, and you may even face jail time depending on the severity of the charge. A misdemeanor offense

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Will I Go To Jail?

Misdemeanor and Felony offenses can result in jail or prison time – sometimes mandatory sentences – depending on the nature and severity of the charge. Surprisingly, many traffic offenses also carry the risk of jail time. We have the experience

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Do you charge a consultation fee?

We offer Free Consultations on DUI, Criminal, and Traffic cases. Please call for our consultation fee on Family Law, Divorce, and Child Custody cases.

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Can The Police Search And Seize My Property?

Drug cases often involve the search and seizure of private property. Many times the police try to build a case involving simple possession into something much more serious such as distribution, intent to sell, trafficking, and more. They will do

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