Who gets custody of our child?

In Colorado, there isn’t a set of rules that determines who receives custody of the child or children.  However, the court must consider statutory factors before awarding a decision involving minors.

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What’s the difference between joint custody and sole custody?

Colorado doesn’t have joint or sole custody, but instead, the term parental responsibility is used.  Parental responsibility can either be joint or primary.  Joint parental responsibility is characterized by equally sharing in overnight visitation with the minor.  If one parent

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What’s a parenting plan?

This is a plan that parents give to the court that explicitly states the allocation of parenting time, including holiday visits and other circumstances.  This document is required since it is essential that both parties are aware of the terms.

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When will we make a decision on child custody?

The final parenting time decisions are made by the court during Permanent Orders.  At this point, you might receive Temporary Orders to determine parenting time until the parties can agree on a parenting schedule.

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Can I modify custody?

The parenting plan and the parenting schedule can be changed at any time if the change is in the best interest of the child.  It is important to note that any major changes to parenting time can only be requested

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