If you driver’s license is revoked for excess alcohol, you may apply for early reinstatement after 1 month of no driving. However, you will have to install an interlock device in your car for 8 months. You can apply to remove the interlock early if you have 4 straight months without any problems, and your BAC was below .15. If your license is revoked for some other reason, the law often does not allow for restricted licenses to drive to work or school. A person under revocation for more than one year because of alcohol offenses may be eligible to apply for the Early Reinstatement Program. However, eligibility is very dependent on individual circumstances. Early Reinstatement requires placing an ignition interlock device in your car that requires you to breath into it before the car will operate to make sure you have not ingested any alcohol. You have to pay installation and monitoring costs.


Persons who are suspended because they have too many points over a particular time frame, but who are not currently under revocation by DMV may be eligible for a probationary (restricted) license that allows driving for specified work, school, medical, or other purposes.