Breathalyzer tests are one of the most widely used pieces of evidence for the prosecution to secure a DUI conviction.  These tests are considered to be highly accurate but issues in states all over the county are requiring prosecutors to drop charges, schedule retrials for drivers who’ve already been convicted, and calling the accuracy of breathalyzers in general into question.

Vermont, California, and Pennsylvania have all had issues with breathalyzer equipment recently that has called hundreds and hundreds of DUI convictions into question.  There have been issues of defective devices, user error, and improper calibration over the course of the last few months that could have potentially resulted in innocent drivers facing the very severe consequences associated with a DUI conviction.

The punishments associated with DUI charges in Colorado are some of the most severe in the country.  In light of the alarmingly high amount of flawed readings and defective pieces of equipment reported recently, it would be a very good idea for anyone facing DUI charges in Colorado to enlist the help of an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney to help them with their case.

An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will challenge the results of a breathalyzer reading to ensure that you are not convicted on evidence that could potentially be flawed.  Colorado DUI punishments can include mandatory jail time, license suspensions, and steep fines which can all have a profoundly negative effect on your life.  There is no reason to face those consequences if the prosecution can’t effectively prove that you were operating your vehicle while impaired.