If you’ve been charged with a DUI in the state of Colorado—or in any other state for that matter—then you probably have innumerable questions concerning the possible consequences should a judge convict you.  For instance, you may have questions about whether or not you’ll spend time in jail or whether or not you’ll keep your license.  Furthermore, should your particular circumstance have a unique character—such as, a law enforcement officer charged you while you were out of state and this is you’ve been previously convicted of driving under the influence—then you will undoubtedly find yourself in the need of legal aide.   Indeed, even if the circumstances surrounding the charge do not seem particularly unique, you should still do everything within your power to contact a DUI criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

By obtaining a solid defense—depending on the nature of your alleged offense—your chances of a judge reducing your sentence or altogether dismissing your charges significantly improves.  As such, you should never hesitate to reach-out to a qualified Colorado DUI defense attorney immediately after you’ve received a DUI or DWAI charge.  While some people may worry or have a deal of great anxiety at the prospect of hiring an attorney to represent them in a court of law, those individuals should consider that the costs of simply accepting whatever charges are thrown their way can be significantly greater than any attorney’s fees.  For instance, an offense can easily result in fines exceeding $1,000.00.  Also—something else to consider—is that the costs don’t necessarily have dollar signs attached to them.  Many individuals convicted of DUI or DWAIs must give-up their valuable time performing community service, attending alcohol-awareness class, or spending time in jail.  Furthermore, they end-up living with a stigma that affects them in the not only in their day-to-day interactions with and among members of their communities, but also in their professional interactions.  For instance, how might a DUI or DWAI conviction affect you if your career if your profession requires that you have a clean driving record?

In the end, should you find yourself facing DUI or DWAI charges, you’ll want to make sure you have the best defense available to protect yourself from consequences that may follow you for a lifetime.  While legal fees sometimes scare alleged offenders away from a seeking a quality defense, those who are wise will understand that the potential consequences of not  having a good defense in your corner far outweigh any legal fees.  Having a resource on hand that knows the rights afforded to you under the law will prove to be one of the most valuable investments you could ever make.