The fines for DUI in Colorado are just one of the ways the municipality citing you can make money. There are community service requirements that you are required to do. Basically, you are doing the job as an unpaid volunteer, instead of an employee who gets paid. There are surcharges that also have to be paid. It’s no wonder the expense that setting up roadblocks for sobriety checks is seen as worth it. DUI convictions make the state and municipality money.


You, of course, are on the opposite end of the DUI money equation. When you consider how much money you may lose due to insurance costs and other expenses that a license suspension can lead to, hiring a Colorado criminal defense attorney is a wise economic move. The next three years after a DUI will see increased insurance rates and those surcharges that need to be paid. The Colorado criminal defense attorney will do everything to discredit the case against you. Breathalyzers have been shown to be unreliable in many cases over the years. The maintenance and age of that equipment will be analyzed by your Colorado criminal defense attorney. They will review all arrest records that may show an inadequate regard for proper procedure. They will investigate the reason you were stopped in the first place. Probable cause will be questioned and if it isn’t proven convincingly the case may be thrown out.


The Colorado criminal defense attorney will use these and other methods to help you in the fight to keep your license. That is the goal. Not driving for 9 months could be an undue hardship for many. Getting to work or picking up your children at school will be impossible. And then there is the lost money that fines, surcharges, and insurance will cost you. A DUI charge must be challenged by you with the help of a Colorado criminal defense attorney.