Leaving the scene of a car accident is never a good idea. It won’t prevent the experience from weighing on your conscience, especially if you are at fault. It can also get you into serious trouble. Better to stay on the scene and cooperate with the authorities than to be charged with leaving the scene of a crime. Keep your cool, cooperate with law enforcement and let your attorney handle the legalities later on.

A driver who is involved in an accident that injuries or kills a person is required by Colorado law to stop his car at the accident scene. If he can’t stop for any reason (such a nearby vehicle bursting into flames), he must stop as close to the scene as he can and return to the vicinity and wait for the police to arrive. He must be prepared to provide his name, address, and VIN number to an officer at the scene and show his driver’s license to the driver of the other car he collided with or the person struck. He must also assist with getting the injured party to a hospital if necessary or requested. If the injured person is incapable of receiving driver information from the driver at fault, the at-fault driver must report the accident. He will not be charged with a hit and run if he leaves the accident scene to report the accident.

Leaving an accident scene or failing to report it can result in you facing some serious charges, especially if the accident resulted in a fatality. You’ll also lose your license.