The law in many states takes domestic violence charges very seriously. Law enforcement and court officials are understandably concerned with protecting the rights of alleged victims. Even when there are no signs of physical injury present, domestic violence charges can still be filed on behalf of the alleged victim. Judges will often administer serious penalties upon a conviction for domestic abuse or other related charges. If police get called to a scene where domestic abuse is suspected, it almost always results in an arrest, and that arrest can result in a lengthy stay behind bars for the accused.

Because these types of charges are taken so seriously by law enforcement officials and court systems across the country, domestic violence charges can never be taken lightly. If you’ve been charged or suspect that you will be charged with a crime like domestic abuse, you need a qualified and experienced defense attorney on your side. A defense attorney with experience in these kinds of cases will structure the best possible defense against these serious criminal charges. Having that knowledge of the law and experience in the court room setting is invaluable if you hope to walk away from your hearing without serving an extended period in county jail.

Attorneys usually begin building a defense by closely examining the details of your case to be able to argue for your innocence in court. A defense attorney with a wealth of experience defending against assault charges will know exactly what information will be the most relevant to your defense and be able to structure those details in the most efficient and most effective defense. Defense attorneys will also generally scrutinize witness testimony in an effort to unearth lies, half-truths or inconsistencies so that they can cross examine witnesses in the court room and use witness testimony to prove your innocence.

In cases of domestic abuse or any kind of criminal cases that involve families, a defense attorney will also be able to help you even before your day in court. Your defense lawyer should be present during the investigation of your case because they can advise you on how to talk to law enforcement. Often, the police will pressure individuals accused of domestic violence into telling their side of the story, and you should never do this without an attorney by your side.

No one wants to spend time in prison, but the possibility of facing a jail term for a domestic assault charge where no one was even injured can be incredibly disheartening. A good defense attorney will ensure that your side of the story is heard in court and that all of the relative details of the case are brought to light, so you can feel confident that you’ll receive a fair and just trial and not be punished for a crime that you did not commit.