Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is, without a doubt, very dangerous.  In an effort to cut down on DUI-related accidents, injuries, and deaths many states, including Colorado, make amendments to laws, increase the possible punishments associated with driving under the influence and send more officers out into the streets looking for DUI drivers.

Keeping the streets safe by using appropriate measures within the limits of the law is beneficial for everyone, but unfortunately, the evidence used to secure many DUI convictions can’t be considered one hundred percent reliable and many drivers may suffer unfair punishments as a result.  There have been a number of states that have had problems with the equipment that officers use to determine the level of a driver’s intoxication and there have been dozens or possibly even hundreds of drivers who have been convicted based on inaccurate information.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Colorado you would be well advised to enlist the help of an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney to help with your defense.  A Colorado criminal defense attorney will carefully analyze the evidence gathered by arresting officers, including breathalyzer readings or blood tests results, and have them checked for accuracy.

A Colorado criminal defense attorney will act in your best interest to ensure that your rights are upheld and will work to ensure that you don’t suffer a punishment that is potentially unfair as a result of information that could be inaccurate.