With the summer holidays and with the number of parties and barbeques people will attend there will be an increased intake of alcohol. If you are headed to a home or a friend or family member, a designated driver for the return trip is a good idea. The police will have checkpoints and single patrol cars will be looking for any erratic driving, broken taillights, or any other excuse to stop drivers here in Colorado. If you are stopped and you take and fail a breathalyzer your license will be in serious jeopardy. You don’t want to be without your license for months due to these stepped-up efforts.

If you do receive a DUI you must contact an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney. The DUI laws in Colorado are difficult to fight and you need all the help you can get, if you are to keep your license from being suspended. You only have a short window of time to act to keep your license so you must meet with a Colorado criminal defense attorney immediately after being charged. They know how important your license is to you and they will act quickly and carefully to ensure every effort is made to save it.

There will be an increase of DUI cases after the holiday and the high volume means a there’s better chance of police mistakes that may lead to a lesser charge or even a dismissal of the case. The Colorado DUI attorney has been through this many times and it’s that experience you need when facing a serious charge like a DUI for the first time. They will look at all the evidence, possibly suppressing the breathalyzer results due to a malfunctioning machine or poorly maintained machine. They have many other ways to try to discredit the case against you, but you must hire them to do so. You have to be represented by a Colorado criminal defense attorney in a DUI case, if you are to have any chance of saving your license.