In the state of Colorado—and most other states, for that matter—if you’ve accumulated a large number of points on your driving record within a 12 month time frame, then you had better think twice about getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and deciding not abiding by the rules of the road.  Too many speeding tickets or traffic violations within a short period of time could lead you to face revocation or suspension of your driver’s license—a situation that’s just a step away from some serious charges including heavy fines, time-consuming classes, and or prison time.  The consequences do not necessarily stop there either, as those who lose their licenses due to an abundance of traffic violations (or any other related offenses) typically develop a stigma that affects them within their communities.  For instance, should you lose your license due to an accumulation of points, would you be prepared to tell your friends why you could no longer participate in a weekly carpool to a children’s extra curricular activity.

At this point, you may be wondering how you may find-out how many points you’ve accumulated on your driving record in the past 12 months.  You may also have questions about the processes surrounding suspension/ revocation.  While the Department of Revenue’s Division of Motor Vehicles web-page can provide you with a general outline of both the points system and these processes, you may be better served by a professional with the legal acumen toe help you navigate this terrain—should you suspect your at risk.

If you suspect you’ve accumulated too many points on your driving record, then you should take measures to protect yourself from losing your license and your reputation within your community.  Before the Colorado Department of Revenue takes action against you or completes an already-initiated process of fully revoking or suspending your license, you should seek legal assistance from a qualified defense attorney to make sure you have all the resources you need to defend yourself from a life-altering conviction.  A Colorado defense attorney has the knowledge and resources available to help you in your defense and keep you on the road.