What started out as a noble attempt to perform a good deed ended in an accident that caused a broken hip that will likely take a long time and plenty of rehab to recover from. A pick up truck stopped on I-25 to help a pedestrian on the highway and was struck from behind by a suspected drunk driver. The Good Samaritan suffered no injuries during the DUI related accident, but the passenger of the vehicle that belonged to the accused suffered a broken hip during the violent impact.

The driver is facing DUI charges as well as vehicular assault charges and will face some very serious consequences if convicted. Colorado DUI charges carry some very severe possible punishments without the additional charge of vehicular assault being added on. This driver could potentially face mandatory jail time, very high fines and a lengthy suspension of driving privileges.

Defending yourself against DUI charges in the state of Colorado is never a good idea. The proper defense requires an in depth knowledge of DUI law and a great deal of experience in DUI cases. If you’ve been arrested for DUI your first action should be reaching out to an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney for a consultation. Your Colorado criminal defense attorney will advise you of your rights, assess all of the available evidence and begin working immediately to structure the most appropriate defense for your situation. A good criminal defense attorney will work to get your DUI charges reduced or dismissed and minimize the potential penalties that you will face.