In many states, including Colorado, a DUI conviction can result in mandatory jail time depending on the specific details of the incident.  Overcrowding of prisons nationwide has led many states to start seeking other options for keeping tabs on DUI offenders though.

Rather than sentence a convicted DUI offender to a stint in an overcrowded county jail many states have begun using alcohol monitoring bracelets.  The big brother like devices are worn twenty fours hours a day and can detect alcohol in amounts as little as .02 which means that the bracelet and those monitoring it will know immediately if an offender who has been released with an order not to drink has even had a single alcoholic beverage.

While this may sound like a favorable option when compared to spending days, weeks or even months behind bars it is often the offender who is responsible for paying the upkeep on the devices which can add a substantial amount of money to the total cost of a DUI.  Being at home is certainly more comfortable than being in prison, but these devices could cost hundreds of dollars per month to maintain and a malfunctioning unit could easily have you facing jail time if a false reading should occur.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI it is critical that you contact an experienced Colorado DUI attorney immediately in order to begin structuring the best possible defense.  Your Colorado DUI attorney will fight to ensure that your rights are upheld throughout your DMV and criminal DUI hearings and that you have the best possible chance of realizing a favorable verdict from your case.