The Denver post reported on June 10, 2011 that Attorney General John Suthers is joining with federal prosecutors, the FTC, and other groups in an effort to crackdown on immigration services fraud. These cases involve impersonating a lawyer or acting as a consultant helping immigrants in their quest to become citizens, and then doing nothing after collecting a fee. The ramped up effort may lead to false accusations and even arrests to some legitimately honest immigration service professionals. Barriers in language and unfamiliarity with the laws may lead some immigrants to believe their rights have been violated when they haven’t. If you are arrested under these circumstances, a Colorado criminal defense attorney must be consulted. If you are an immigration consultant who believes he has been wrongly accused, a Colorado criminal defense attorney knowledgeable in immigration case law will be sure to give you the best chance at an acquittal.

The political arena has been involved in heated debate over immigration for years. Hot button topics such as this can lead to extremely emotional responses to any related situation. The Colorado criminal defense attorney is the objective voice in all of their cases. Analysis of what was offered to the client and what was delivered is essential to this type of case. They will be the calming force in what may become an emotionally charged case. You may believe you have all the legal documentation to show the court on your own that proves your innocence. Remember, the government wants to win and they may find a way to suppress your evidence. The Colorado criminal defense attorney knows how to combat this strategy. They are also expert in suppressing evidence the District Attorney brings to his argument against you.

The government’s position in this is clear. With estimated numbers of how many illegal immigrants there are in the US in general and Colorado in particular being bandied about, someone taking advantage of an honest person trying to become a legal resident will be dealt with to the full extent of the law. The nature of the issue of immigration does lend itself to heated reactions on both sides. The calm confidence brought by the Colorado criminal defense attorney to this situation is important to you and your case. Their knowledge in the law and court procedures will get you the best possible outcome to these proceedings. You may believe your case is easily proven. You may be correct, but it’s the Colorado criminal defense attorney who is the one you need to make it for you.