The Colorado Department of Human Services is instituting a program to help youth DUI offenders as part of its “Driving With Care” DUI program. According to the CDHS, Colorado youths receive an average of 2,300 DUI citations every year, with an average of 500 underage drivers already having a prior DUI arrest. These staggering numbers shows that young Colorado drivers need more education about the dangers of drunk driving, especially while under the legal age to consume alcohol. If you, a friend or your teenage son or daughter has been arrested for driving under the influence, you need a compassionate and experienced Colorado DUI attorney on your side.

The criminal and administrative penalties for underage DUI in Colorado can include high fines, driver’s license suspension and youth alcohol counseling. These penalties are more strict if the underage driver already has one or two DUIs, and there are also certain penalties for getting multiple DUIs in a certain time period. Minors who are caught with alcohol can also be facing “Minor in Posession” charges. According to the CDHS, an average of 10,000 young people under the age of 20 receive a MIP citation, and almost 12,000 young Colorado residents got some kind of alcohol criminal charge in 2009. These youths and their families need the help of a Colorado DUI defense attorney who understands state alcohol laws.

A Colorado criminal defense attorney can help you teen face their Colorado DUI charges and get legal penalties, fines and driver’s license penalties reduced. An attorney can even help your teen make sure their record won’t follow them forever by helping with juvenile criminal record expungement once the DUI legal process is complete.