Client was charged with felony menacing and felony eluding of police. The victims were two high school students who alleged that our client had called them over to his car, pointed a semi automatic handgun at them and threatened to shoot them. The victims had then reported this to police who spotted our client’s car and initiated a traffic stop. Our client, afraid and intoxicated, led the police on a high-speed chase that ultimately resulted in his arrest. The police recovered a gun from his vehicle. Our client had a serious depression and alcohol problem. We immediately addressed the problems. He began attending counseling for alcohol, depression, and anger control. The deputy district attorney, persuaded by our attorneys’ efforts as well as those of our client, agreed to a 4 year deferred sentence to the Felony Menacing charge and to reduce the Eluding charge to a Driving Under the Influence charge. Our client was ordered to attend alcohol classes and therapy, but no felony conviction will appear on his record and he served no jail time.