Penalties of Driving Without Insurance in Colorado

Driving without insurance in Colorado can have serious consequences and could often result in the need for a traffic violations lawyer. There is a possibility of a $1,000+ fine, a driver’s license suspension for up to eight months, and even

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Colorado’s Point System & Suspension / Revocation

In the state of Colorado—and most other states, for that matter—if you’ve accumulated a large number of points on your driving record within a 12 month time frame, then you had better think twice about getting behind the wheel of

2022-08-16T18:31:22+00:00October 21st, 2011|

Budget Battle Over Red Light Cameras

Over the past few years, technology has made its way into nearly aspect of our daily lives, and the same holds true for the Colorado Springs Police Department.  Recently, during the City Council's work session on the department's 2012 budget,

2011-10-20T21:31:34+00:00October 20th, 2011|
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