How to Parent During a Divorce or Separation

When you are getting a divorce or legal separation, it’s important to think about the ramifications this will have on your children. As you sort out custody arrangements and parenting plans, remember that this will impact your children. No matter

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Will My Marijuana Usage Impact My Child Custody Battle?

Will My Marijuana Usage Impact My Child Custody Battle? If you are going through a divorce with children, child custody questions are always on the forefront of your mind during this stressful time. If you use marijuana either medicinally or

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Common Law Marriage in Colorado

  Common-law marriage is established in Colorado when two parties consent to live as husband and wife.  Both parties maintain an open assumption of a marital relationship, which means that both parties present themselves to the public as part of

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5 Myths About Military Divorces

Colorado Springs is home to both army and air force bases, attracting many military families to the area. Here at Liberty Law Center, we thank you for your service. This being said, there are many misconceptions when it comes to

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